Teaching Concept

Individual Teaching Concept

The Drumteachers at the Vienna Drum School focus entirely on your goals and learning pace! Depending on whether you are a beginner or an advanced drummer, or perhaps already have experience on other instruments, we will work out the path to your goals together with you! We try to make the lessons as varied as possible while at the same time you are challenged but not overwhelmed!


Whether you´re a beginner or a pro: Drumming should be fun!

We see it as one of our main tasks as drum teachers to maintain and promote the motivation in the long term. By creating an individual teaching concept as well as varied lessons we do our best to achieve these goals. Depending on your previous knowledge, strengths and weaknesses and personal learning pace, we design the way to your goals!


An important part of our drum lessons is learning Songs of different musical styles! Technical Exercises are very important! Nevertheless, we try to put what we have learned into practice with music right from the start! Song or Style Requests are always taken into account, but we also want to broaden your musical horizons!

How to practice?

How to practice drums properly? An important topic that we deal with from the very first lesson.
Important keywords are: Regularity, Concentration,  Many Repetitions, Focus on weak points and Self Reflection.

We always pay close attention to 3 aspects:

  1. How does it sound?
  2. How does it look?
  3. How does it feel?

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What We Offer

Drum Lessons for Kids

All of the above aspects of our teaching concept apply to children as well. Only the implementation is different than with adult students. For kids, we use special child-friendly teaching literature. To learn rhythms, it is particularly helpful to count out loud or to use words that consist of the natural rhythm of speech. This makes learning rhythms comparable to learning a language.

Drum Lessons for Adults

Have you always wanted to learn drums but never had the opportunity? No Problem! It´s never to late to start! Playing the drums keeps you physically and mentally fit and offers a balance to everyday life!

You are already an advanced drummer, you play in a band and want to develop your skills and your Sound further? We will analyze your drumming together, work on weaknesses and set new goals!

Preparation for Entrance Exams at Music Universitys or Conservatory

Would you like to start studying music? We will help you with the entrance exam!

Classical Orchestra Percussion

In addition to the modern drumset we also offer lessons for classical orchestra percussion:

  • Orchestra Percussion: Wiener Schlagwerkschule nach Richard Hochrainer, Snare Drum, Timpani, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Marimbaphone, Triangle, Castanets.
  • Preparation of Advanced Students for classical percussion studies at a music university or conservatory
  • Preparations for Auditions or Exams.

Prices for classical percussion lessons on request!

Well-equipped Rehearsal Rooms

Our drum lessons take place on high-qualitiy equipment! We are also able to produce professional sound recordings!

drum lessons vienna
Drum Lessons Vienna
Drum Lessons Vienna
Vienna Drum Lessons
Vienna Drum Lessons
Drum Lessons Vienna
Drum Lessons Vienna
Drum Lessons Vienna

Our Rehearsal Studio in the 2nd district

Proberaum Schlagzeugunterricht Wien
Proberaum Schlagzeugunterricht Wien
Proberaum Schlagzeugunterricht Wien
Proberaum Schlagzeugunterricht Wien


What is the best age to start drum lessons?

We teach kids from about 7 years! For most younger kids there are other better music education programs available than formal drum lessons! To find out what´s best for your child just book a free trial lesson!

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How can I play drums in an apartment?

It is not necessary to practice on a real drumset in the beginning. To start learning drums you just need practice pad (silent drum for practice) and a pair of drumsticks. Since drums can be very loud, playing away from a rehearsal room, for example in an apartment, is almost impossible!

There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • an electronic drumset
  • special drumheads with extra dampening as well as low volume cymbals (Zildjian L80)
  • cheap rented rehearsal rooms with drumsets included especially for practicing purpose

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Am I talented enough to learn drums?

Talent doesn´t play an important role in learning an instrument. There are also scientific studies about this topic. Hard work always beats Talent! It´s also very important how you practice! The quality of your practice sessions are more important than the quantity. It´s better to do 15 minutes of focused practice every day than 2 hours once a week.

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Do I need previous musical knowledge?

No previous knowledge is necessary!

Do I have to read music?

No, but I teach the basics, because it simplifies many things! You can speak a language fluently without being able to read and write, but it is quite handy if you can at least fundamentally! It is the same with reading music!

How much does a lesson cost?

Please refer to: Prices